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The Race

The Wildevy 4x4 MTB race is growing exponentially and with the race calender opening up in the Mpumalanga/Limpopo area, this race will be the race to attend this winter. With over 300 riders since 2013, we are working very hard to make the every race even bigger and better. We have a new and improved 50km route that promises to be kick ass and again some of the best singletrack on this side of the Amazon!

The Place

The Watervalsrivier pass lies between Lydenburg and Burgersfort on the northern edge of Mpumalanga. Even in the middle of winter this area enjoys a comfortable climate with many residents agreeing that we have "Winter on a Wednesday!". This sub-tropical region is well known for it agricultural exports and rich wildlife.

The Sponsors

We are very grateful for our many sponsors last year (and all the previous years) and everything that they have contributed to making this event not only possible but successful. Our title sponsor in this year is Bison Falls Spur™ and Wildevy manne for their unsolicited effort in making this event better and bigger. The Wildevy MTB race is now an official race on Cycling SA's calendar and you can enter now at EntryOnline.

About us

Although the Wildevy MTB Race was only established in 2012, we take our Mountainbiking very seriously. When our organisers decided to host this event, it was our primary goal to host an event that would be par with any other professional race in South Africa. That meant: exiting and challeging MTB courses, decent prizes, proper time-keeping, toilet and shower facilities. But at the same time our event had to be family orientated and envolve local community.